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What’s a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a collective investment scheme or a trust that plays the role of financial intermediary to group the funds from different class of investors (individuals/ Corporate) who pursue the same general investment goals and invests the money in order to invest them in a wide range of financial claims such as stock securities, money market instruments, bonds, commodities etc. with specialization- Ref: Types of Mutual Funds and Categories of Mutual Funds

These pooled funds provide thousands of investors with proportional ownership of diversified portfolios managed by the Expert Investment Managers. The gain generated from the different investment avenues are passed on to the investors accordingly.

Why Investment in Mutual Funds?

Investment in Mutual Funds have certain edges which may be availed by the investors.

  • Accessibility

Investment in mutual funds is user-friendly. Units of mutual funds are easy to buy and sell.

  • Liquidity

Liquidity is one of the main features of Mutual Fund. Investors/ Unit holder can easily transform their holding units into cash on any working day. An investor does not find a buyer of the units. He/ She may submit redemption of units request to the AMC and promptly receive the current value of investment in the form of payment instrument (like cheque, payorder, demand draft or cashier cheque) or funds transfer to the investor’s registered bank account.

  • Diversification

Diversification is also one of the benefits which leading to reduce the risk factor by investing the grouped money in different number of securities. It’s not easily possible for the small and average investors to buy wide-ranging securities to reach the same height of diversification as it’s available and offered with investment in mutual fund.

  • Fund Management by the Experts

Fund Managers in the AMC invests the investors’ pooled money (mutual fund) in the best opportunity available in the market after necessary evaluation, wide research and careful examination by them. Whereas it’s not easy for individuals as well as even for corporate organizations if investing is not their principal business.

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